About us

Your home in Genoa.

The right  place for a student who wants to have success in his personal and professional life.

A RUI residence is a place where you can study, share time with others, have fun and play sports in a high quality cultural environment based on the more than fifty year long Rui Foundation experience.

Studying at a residence also means meeting high profile personalities form the business and professional world in order to build a clear idea about our future. But the most important service is the personalised formation. Each student has a tutor and a coach to help him grow and build on his own talents in order to achieve one's academical, professional and personal goals.

The building? It's a real gem in the heart of Albaro, one of Genoa's residential neighbourhoods. Five minutes from the seaside Corso Italia.

Living in a residence is the ideal solution for all the students from out of town and it's a great opportunity to value and  enjoy at one's best the university years.